Nourished now available!

Marilyn’s sixth book, Nourished: A Memoir of Cooking and the Arts, is available now from and select book sellers.

“Marilyn’s recipes are timeless. Her sweets, food for the heart. Her savory dishes, food for the soul.  The one ingredient she always adds to every recipe is love, you can taste it.”

– Cynthia Cronan,  friend and artist

“Over the years, Marilyn has shared with me her delicious creations.  Each dish tantalizes my taste buds; therefore, I highly recommend this cookbook, so you too can partake of her lavish sweet and savory dishes.” 

Iris Mosely,   friend and poet

“Marilyn bakes a two-layer cookie–brownie beneath, and chocolate chip atop–for chocolate lovers, a different kind of brownie that stands above all others. Her chocolate strudel, with layers of savory dough stuffed with chocolate, pecans, and dusted with coconut is a rich, melt-in-your-mouth treat!”

– Anita Jepson-Gilbert, Secretary/Treasurer, Columbine Poets, Inc.

“Marilyn’s book is an inspiration for all of us who want to peer within ourselves and uncover our own fountain of possibilities. I love the unique way she weaves together her life journey with the deep and profound pleasure she gains from art, cooking, writing, and gardening. Her colorful abstract paintings, collages using found items, and jewelry reveal a rich inner life that calls to her and continually reveals the beauty and challenges of her life path. As an artist myself, I am deeply inspired by this book and I’m certain you will be as well.”

Amy Mindell, artist, therapist,  author of The Dreaming Source of Creativity