Slouching through New York

At thirteen she learns

good taste,

proper dress, how to speak, 

carry herself,

a refining process

necessary for a

Jewish princess      1960. 

Once a week

Saturday mornings

Mom sends the teen by bus

from Jersey to 

New York. 

She lunches 

on a Woolworth’s burger

takes a subway— 

peers at people

who mingle, talk

shove, read,

hang on straps. 

She arrives at The Barbizon School

 of Modeling

studies accouterments— 

unpacks her sack,

pulls on slick black dress, 

straightens stockings, slides on heels. 

Primed, washed, brows tweezed, 

face powdered

rouged and mascara 

 lips glow red, 

hair brushed, sprayed—

she mirrors mom.

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