Cookbooks up on new bookshelf

This is my first official blog post since my friend Sabina Espinet, an excellent graphic designer, fixed my website.

Over the last several years my bookshelves have been bulging, overflowing with poetry, gardening, memoir books, books on writing and now cookbooks. Many of the excessive amount of books have ended up stacked neatly on my floors, near tables, chairs, anywhere I could find a bare spot! I tried to keep paths clear, especially toward the kitchen, which is the room I spend most of my time. Overtime I’ve searched for different bookcases, but nothing appealed to me, until now, until last month, January, the beginning of 2019.

At that time I bought  a bookshelf that I saw on line.  I took measurements of my existing space, making sure the new shelves would match exactly and fit comfortably in my new space. After several hours and with help, my 5 shelves were up and I felt thrilled that after nearly 5 years of searching for cookbook titles on my floor, that now my cookbooks would have a happy home!

I felt true joy as I began to place, one by one,these 180 books to their new home.  I didn’t bother with organizing the books, such as putting all Italian, or baking or soup books in one spot. or, I also didn’t bother to organize my books according to author’s like all Lydia’s books, or Martha’s, or Ina’s books in one place. I guess when my stash of cookbooks reach 200+, than I’ll find a method to get t hem more organized. But now, I just glance over all the five rows and can easily pull out a book I need.

how do you organize your cookbooks? Do you find it a problem, do you have so many? do you even use cookbooks as apposed to kindles, blogs or internet recipes. But I love the written word, and turning pages right in the palm of my hand feels wonderful! So, for now, I’ll stay with using real hands-on cookbooks! But too, I still, from time to time, use the internet, look at a blog, collect recipes from friends. Recipes abound from computers, smart phones, cookbooks, friends and nearly everywhere!

So, hop on board and let’s ride the cookbook train together as I post recipes, food and travel pictures, make food and cooking comments and please drop me notes, comments and let’s share this adventure together!

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